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Washing Machine

A Washing Machine is a Reliable Home Appliance and Services as a blessing in disguise as it washes and cleans your clothes. It releases you from the struggle of washing your clothes on your own. But, what if your washing machine breaks down and you struggle to make ends meet. ALO Electronics is the right choice to make as our technicians have deep knowledge of the priate methods to apply when your washing machine malfunctions. We are experts in fixing your washing machine, no matter what brand it is.

Don’t let a broken washing machine leave you without clean clothes.When your appliance won’t drain or has decided not to spin, trust Beko to fix your washing woes with our local, experience engineers.

Perhaps the most common appliance repair we carry out at ALO Electronics , washing machine repair and service requires the attention of experienced professionals. Our team of engineers are fully trained to carry out repairs on integrated and built-in washing machines from an extensive range of manufacturers, many more.

Does your Washing Machine have any of the following faults ?

  • Water not draining
  • Drum not spinning
  • No water going into the machine
  • Taking too long to complete a wash
  • Leaking from underneath the Washing Machine

If So, Please Call us to arrange a Professional Repair